Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Make Money Without Advertising on Your Blogs or Sites

1. Offer Services : You can earn Money for offering services like Wordpress blog Intallisations,Theme setups,Consultation services,SEO services,hosting services or many more services.If you have any talent you can showoff on your blog.

2.Sell E-books : This is the best method to earn money for your blogs.you can write a E-book and Sell it at decent rates.If you not write a good E-books than you signUp E-books Affiliate like e-junkee,Kindle E-book affiliate programs and select top selling E-books and published on your blogs, after published E-book on your blog your visitors buy through your affiliate links than you earn commission.

3. Write Paid Reviews : If your blog is very popular,you can start write paid reviews (WPR) and you getting more requests for paid reviews.This is the good way to make money form your blog.

4. Writing Jobs : writing is the also a good way to make more money,if you can write 200,300 or 500 words for any topics than you apply for writing job.There are many paid writing jobs available on the internet.

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