Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Download Top Free Office Softwares

Office Softwares
Office Softwares

Office Suite :- Open-Office is very popular and free Office suite .it is Supported by windows 7,XP and Linux  OS. Its feature is word processing .presentatio7n ,drowing graphics tools,spreadsheet and data leases management options .it is sported all M.S.Office for metes .
www.openoffice .org

Libreoffice .org :-Libeoffice is free open sourse software .Liberooffice features is drawing graphics tools, spreadsheet, presentation, word processing and data base Managements applications this is sported all formats of word processing .it has formats automats red templates and you can downloads free of casts

Thinkfree .com:- Think office web based office sutise , you can save free more than 1 GB documents ,if your browser is crashed than he automates saved you data. this is the only one software already attached PDF converter .it has word processing , spreadsheet , presentations creators applications and in-built Email features .its size is 36Mb :- If you can wants to photo eaditing software this is the goods options for you because this is free for you .Gimp user interface is deferent’s you can create website templates on Gimps and you can endited PSD files its supported all formats It is free software you can create Zip folders and create Zip folders passwords .
7-Zip.Org:- It is based software for files or folders computers  or is suppurated is -256ancriptions and available in 60 languages

Blender .org :-
Blender in very popular for 3D editing software you can easily editing 3D contents            

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